It was date night and we did what every parent does, beg family to watch our kids. They agreed and we couldn’t wait to plan our quiet evening. We ran to Costco, came home quickly to put away our spoils, basking in the quickness of the stop. We listened above to ensure there was nothing serious going on. There was pleasant conversation and no one screaming for help or for us to stay so we quickly snuck back out the door and continued our date.

img_3301_cartoonizedWhen we got home the kids were eating pizza, we were just grateful we didn’t have to feed them. We of course asked what they did and they said just watched movies. However, as the days progressed I uncover what really happens during these babysitting adventures.

They seem to start witimg_3321_cartoonizedh nap time where fort building is involved. There are remnants of these forts with blankets strewn about and large items a little out of place. I don’t think twice about this till it’s past 10 o’clock and they still refuse to go to sleep.

I later discover they must have a dance off, probably accompanied with a sing off for ├é┬ápotential extra points. This is pretty much my entire Sunday trying to get me to watch them as they perform their routines. Of course I’m tired and still asleep but don’t realize much, till I hear lyrics from songs I have long forgotten like, “Who let the dogs out.” Then I get to see them dance Gangham style and show me how to nay nay. I still don’t know what that is.

Then there are contests, contests for everything! Aunties must have quite the events setup because the next day these contests continue. The contests are many and fairly short, here are just a few: first to put on shoes, first to open the door, first to fall. Of course Kenzie is angry whenever she’s not first and Kaylin makes additional rules to justify why she’s first. I smile relieved they are playing with each other. Concerned about sportsmanship but that seems to be a battle for another day.

Finally the night must end with pizza. There must be lots of pizza. I never knew how much and thought this was a special occasion to come home to them eating pizza. Then as I’m sitting downstairs I hear a child knock on their bedroom door. Then I hear my littlest Kenzie shout, “Pizza Delivery.” I guess her big sister was babysitting.