People always say that kids say the darnedest things. Well my kids are no exception.  The things that they come up with are mind blowing. Their arguments are well formed and their negotiation skills are unparalleled. This website is dedicated to just those adventures, moments and pure parenting moments that only a fellow parent can appreciate.

img_4562_cartoonizedKaylin is my first born, who was born in early May. She is currently five and depending on the day is  either going on 16 or 60. She says things that will leave you in shock, as well as things that make you want to laugh when you need to be angry. Kaylin asks a ton of questions and has memory that is like a tape recorder. She will remember things that you thought were of no importance and it takes you some time to realize what she is talking about. She is fearless when it comes to telling you what is on her mind, we have to remind her that some things should be kept to herself. She is also best friends with her little sister.

img_4459_cartoonizedKenzie is the baby, who was born in early October, the year after her sister. Frequently, I get asked if they are twins. I never saw it, I could definitely see the differences in their ages.  Kenzie is my little old man, not lady, most definitely man.  She loves her dad more than anything and thinks because Dad is a boy, she is a boy. However, she loves her dresses and hates being dirty or messy in anyway.  She cannot have any water on her, she will insist on changing. Everything has to be her way. She is meticulous with her area and has to line up her dolls and have everything facing the right way. She is also incredibly lucky, she will run full blast and trip narrowly missing the wall and fall into a pile of stuffed animals.

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