“Kaylin and Kenzie are on the case.” I’ve heard the girls say before while they are playing. It’s usually said after I ask them to find my cell phone they enjoy hiding so much.  They have amazing imaginations and it reminds me of the things I used to do as a kid and makes me nostalgic. Sometimes it’s fun to play with them but other times extremely interesting to see how it will all play out. You tend to get lost in their stories and start to imagine what they are describing.

You remember it all to well because let’s face it, we all played the same games, just with varying degree of complexity and imagination. The other day I heard Kaylin tell her sister, “You can’t go there, it’s hot lava.” It immediately transported me to when I was young and I would stay at my cousins. We’d have all the couch cushions off and we’d jump from cushion to cushion. You could never touch the floor, otherwise you’d get swallowed up by the hot lava. I could see my children were amateurs at this game and my couch cushions were safe for now.

img_4346_cartoonizedThey do however excel to a whole new level with their imagination of future jobs. It’s always fun when Kenzie opens, “Kenzie’s Restaurant.” They love to take orders and bring you food. I remember pretending to take orders and bringing imaginary food. They prefer the “real” kind. The food is rarely what you order or they only allow you to order a few things on the menu. The menu is usually handwritten with swiggly lines,  that only they can read. There are always plenty of baked goods available to order. They love to make muffins, cupcakes, cookies and brownies for mom.  Where the food may lack in flavor, it is not missing any creativity and they make up for any shortcomings with the food in personality, politeness and entertainment.

In our house you never know when a show must be put on. Kaylin and Kenzie will put on their “ballet” shoes and start to spin and twirl. They always have a routine they must practice. Occasionally, one will watch the other perform. They always clap for each other and shout “bravo” while the other curtsies at the end of each performance. Their dedication shocks me. When I was that young we rarely stopped laughing long enough to accomplish much of anything. I always tried to get things perfect and there was always someone messing around and we forgot about it all together.

Kaylin and Kenzie have amazing memories. They constantly bring up past ideas and ask when they will happen. They really wanted to go camping. I thought it was a horrible idea because frankly I hate roughing it. We did find a deal and decided to buy them sleeping bags; in the event we ever do decide to brave the outdoors with a bunch of prissy girls. They have “camped” out numerous times though, including at the foot of my bed. I admire their dedication to sleeping on the floor. I am also extremely happy I have not had to actually camp outside.  I was never one to lay on the floor all night. I always figured a way to be comfy and usually moved to something soft.

img_4635_cartoonizedBirthdays are always a fun time for all.  Well except maybe when you are a parent and you have to plan a party and get ready for it, the whole event can be quite stressful.  Not for Kaylin and Kenzie though, they are always looking out for the next person’s birthday.  They are happy to celebrate it and love to decorate and bring the “cake”.  They will even have birthday parties for their animals. Leftover party supplies are almost better than the party itself. They will setup the plates, wear the party hats and have cake for everyone.  It’s even better when they take turns wishing each other “Happy Birthday!”

The girls love going to the water park and playing on the various slides and in the pools.  For Labor Day weekend we decided to let them run through the sprinklers. We wanted a nice quiet day and they wanted something fun to do.  Before I knew it we were at a water park and they took turns going down the slide while the other one held the sprinkler. Then they were on an island surrounded by water and then a giant pool of water.  I was struggling to keep up with what they were doing. It was fun to just watch them play and see what crazy adventures they will dream up.

I remember the days when I was that creative and turned everything into a game.  Being a kid was a lot of fun, but I remember always wanting to be older and trying to grow up as quickly as possible.  Along the way I really forgot what it was like to have fun. I am slowly discovering what it means to have fun again, my little detectives are on the case to show me.  They have uncovered a big secret that many adults do not know, this is a heavily guarded secret that only children know about.  As soon as you start to grow up the secret is lost, I’m going to share it now though.  You do not need expensive toys or extravagant trips to have fun.  All you need is an imagination and someone who is crazy enough to play your games with you. With enough thought you can make anything happen and it doesn’t matter what you are doing, just who you are with.